Crosby Hanna & Associates offers a wide range of Landscape Architectural and Community Planning services from offices located in Saskatoon and Regina, Saskatchewan.  Since the inception of the parent firm in 1969, and the opening of the Saskatoon office in 1978, the firm has evolved to its present complement of professional staff with backgrounds in landscape architecture, community and regional planning, archaeology, geography, environmental studies, GIS, horticulture science and urban design.  In addition to its own resources, Crosby Hanna & Associates routinely collaborates with professionals from the related disciplines of architecture, engineering, environmental sciences and management consulting.  The firm specializes in work in the Canadian Prairies and the near north.


Our approach asserts that a thorough knowledge of a project area is necessary in order to realize its full potential, to assess and predict the biophysical and aesthetic impact of projects and developments, and to provide a foundation upon which rational and responsive proposals can be built.  In association with this requirement, senior staff maintains close consultation with clients and other identified interests.  This emphasis upon the combination of high quality work and close client consultation rests at the heart of our suc­cess. Through this approach, we are able to provide clients with a product which reflects the combined skills and experience of the partners and staff within the firm.


Crosby Hanna & Associates is very proud to be an award-winning landscape architecture and community planning firm. We have been honoured with numerous awards throughout the years, from the Design Council of Saskatchewan's Premier's Honourable Mention in 1986 to their Award of Excellence in 2011.

Notably, we have also received several Canadian Society of Landscape Architects professional awards.

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