Policy & Environmental Planning

Wakaw Lake Lakeshore Management Plan

In 2011, Crosby Hanna & Associates and CanNorth Ltd. were retained to examine the health of Wakaw Lake as well as to evaluate lake use and lakeshore development. Water quality, fish habitat, benthic invertebrate health, riparian area development, existing boat use, beach use, and public opinion all contributed to a series of recommendations that were … Continued

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Saskatoon Population Projections

In 2007, Crosby Hanna & Associates was hired by the City of Saskatoon to develop twenty-year population projections for the Census Metropolitan area of Saskatoon and Saskatoon Health Region. The projections assisted the city in managing growth and development by giving them the ability to forecast future municipal servicing needs and land consumption. The projections … Continued

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New Neighbourhood Design and Development Standards

The City of Saskatoon retained Crosby Hanna & Associates in partnership with Associated Engineering to develop new neighbourhood design and development standards in addition to new municipal infrastructure standards. The objectives for the project were to provide standards for new neighbourhood development that would both increase sustainability and raise awareness of sustainability principles within the … Continued

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