Land Development Services

Stonebridge Neighbourhood Concept Plan

Retained by Dundee Developments to design a new neighbourhood, Crosby Hanna & Associates provided a vision for a new residential, mixed-use community in southeastern Saskatoon.  The conceptual model for the community was based on a relatively high density “Village Centre” serving as a hub with linkages to a series of integrated development areas that would … Continued

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Maple Grove Estates – York Lake

A master plan for a new residential subdivision on the eastern shore of York Lake, located 5km south of Yorkton, was prepared by Crosby Hanna & Associates. Options and recommended concepts for a medium to low-density development resulted in a subdivision that takes full advantage of the amenities and natural features of York Lake, including … Continued

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Comprehensive Development Review Applications

Crosby Hanna & Associates has facilitated and led the preparation of more than 10 Comprehensive Development Review (CDR) applications for developments in the Rural Municipality of Corman Park, No. 344.  The firm coordinates engineering, geo-technical, heritage, and ecological consultants to ensure that developments in the R.M. meet municipal standards and policies. Crosby Hanna & Associates … Continued

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