First Nations Community Planning

Sturgeon Lake Treaty Land Entitlement Manual

The Sturgeon Lake First Nation settled its Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) claim with the federal and provincial governments in 2009. Crosby Hanna & Associates was hired to help the First Nation develop a Treaty Land Entitlement Resource Manual that included overall strategic economic development goals and objectives, a formal TLE decision making process, an articulation … Continued

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Sturgeon Lake Land Use Management Plan

The Sturgeon Lake First Nation hired Crosby Hanna & Associates to prepare a Land Use Management Plan that would be suitable for directing future land use and development on their home Reserve as well as on Treaty Land Entitlement Reserves. The plan is intended to harmonize economic development interests with local customs, traditional values, and … Continued

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First Nation Community Plans

In association with several local consulting engineers, Crosby Hanna & Associates has prepared dozens of First Nations Community Plans. Through the identification of existing land use and potential development areas within the Reserves, future physical development as well as five-year capital plans were prepared. These community plans provided the basis for pre-design and design work … Continued

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