Location: Saskatoon, SK
Timeline: 2004 - 2006

This unique and complex project consisted of an audit of specific assets in established city parks and the provision of estimated costs for upgrading park components to current development standards.

The project combined field data collected using current technologies and techniques with computer programming to coordinate, manipulate, and analyze over 20,000 data points. Eight computer programs were integrated to generate reports in formats that could be used for budgeting, prioritizing repairs, and summarizing the overall conditions of 156 parks. Data was presented in both printed and digital formats.

The data indicated the physical health of the park system, which was in turn used to forecast the need to re-design maintenance programs and capital investment for park rehabilitation; and measured the impact of recreation programming on park assets. The manner in which data was collected and compiled facilitated various practical and statistical comparisons. These included the presentation of the cost per hectare for part of the renovation, the definition of repair costs for specific park components, the comparison of the extent of repairs required for different sectors of the city, and the use of collected data to locate safety hazards that needed immediate attention.