Location: Saskatoon, SK
Timeline: 2003 - 2013

This premiere riverfront property was the subject of interest, scrutiny, and debate since 1979. Consolidation of lands under City of Saskatoon control, strengthened by political will, resulted in the preparation of a long term master plan in 2003. Based on an extensive community consultation program, the plan provided the framework to transform the site into a pleasant urban riverfront which is vital, animated, safe and comfortable; a site which engages community pride and excites visitors; a site which integrates with the urban fabric and river valley.

Since 2004, the Phase 1 Riverfront has developed with a number of unique features in a well-landscaped setting including: riverwalk promenade with pedestrian bridge; amphitheatre; interpretive water play; food service pavilion; fire pit; river garden with water and interpretive sculptural elements; and a variety of connecting pathways. Developed purposely as an urban riverfront, in contrast to pastoral riverbank parks, the site has evolved from a denuded parking lot and snow dump to the focus of daily recreation and major special events.

The Phase 2 Riverfront, initiated in 2006, is intended as a complementary extension of the Phase 1 Riverfront. This project facilitates linkages along shore and backshore to integrate with adjacent land uses. Resolution of complex technical, environmental, and jurisdictional approvals were required to remediate this brownfield site. Adaptive re-use of the abandoned pumphouse, the bridge promenade, and an adult fitness activity area highlight the plan.

Both phases required multiple construction contracts to complete, and involved complex design and implementation processes. Crosby Hanna & Associates fulfilled the prime consulting role responsible for all aspects of master planning; community consultation; consultant coordination; project approvals; and budget control.