Location: Regina, SK
Timeline: 2003 - 2008

An increase in the number of graduating troops at the RCMP training centre has increased the demand for facilities at Depot in Regina, SK, leading to the development of new facilities including a new Food Services building. A number of challenges and future site considerations were addressed in site design, which included retention of important existing site features, development of decorative walls, a stairwell and accessible entry sequence, a small green roof, irrigation, and planting. A wide promenade was developed and will serve in the future as a major pedestrian thoroughfare. The drought-tolerant green roof vegetation was planted in a highly graphic pattern to increase the visual interest of this area, as it is viewed from an exterior podium space and interior corridor area. This project was successfully implemented within a short timeline due to the well-integrated team of design consultants, RCMP representatives, and Public Works personnel.