Location: Saskatoon, SK

The McOrmond Drive Green Bridge extends the Evergreen Neighbourhood linear park network over the busy McOrmond Drive, physically connecting the neighbourhood with a continuous band of green space. The bridge is a visually prominent feature, aesthetically integrated into the neighbourhood design through branding and colour selection, and plant species. It links pedestrian and cycling networks throughout the neighbourhood, establishing a safe and accessible route that connects neighbourhood amenities, such as parks and schools. The bridge strikes a balance between safety, visibility and comfort. The transparent sound barrier walls ensure the safety of users and block traffic noise, yet permit stunning views of the neighbourhood from the bridge and allow the unique vegetated bridge deck to be visible from the adjacent landscape.

To integrate the bridge, neighborhood branding was incorporated into architectural features, and the colours and custom patterns of the concrete were designed to coordinate with nearby Evergreen Neighbourhood entry signs. Hardy Amur maples were planted on the bridge; while these trees were selected to provide visual mass and help the space feel more park-like than a bridge, they are small and not climbable, for safety. A mix of grasses, spireas, ninebarks, potentillas and small evergreens were planted to provide season-long colour, and organized to create a playful sense of movement along the bridge. The bridge extends the landscape over the busy McOrmond Drive, establishing a safe and accessible route that connects neighbourhood amenities. All main routes to the bridge, including the adjacent linear parks and connections to walkways along McOrmond Drive, are fully accessible for users of all mobility levels. The bridge itself is an amenity space for the community, offering an interesting path of travel and unique perspective of the neighbourhood.