Location: Regina, SK
Timeline: 2008

The first park space developed in the Kensington Greens neighbourhood was completed with the high level of quality intended to establish the standards for other parks and streetscapes in the community. At the neighbourhood’s entrance, there was an opportunity to create a large subdivision sign, which along with streetscapes and building forms, reinforces the Kensington Greens identity.

Users are invited into the park through a large plaza employing decorative concrete techniques. Each side of the entry path is flanked by expansive planting beds that contain decorative boulders, colourful shrubs, perennials, and grasses. The choice of species provides visual interest through all seasons, including winter, where decorative grasses hold the snow beautifully. Large tree groupings define informal play areas and buffer adjacent residences. The pathway continues to a small seating node where its trajectory turns towards the future phase of the park’s development. While this portion is considered a passive park, the future phases will contain more active recreational opportunities to complement the character of the site and enhance community amenities.