Located adjacent to John Dolan school, the Sensory Playground provides students and staff with a safe, convenient and flexible place to play and learn together. Students at John Dolan school range in age from 3 to 22, and display varying levels of physical abilities. The design of the playground responds to the specific needs and skill levels of all students, and provides a unique, therapeutic and sensorial play space.

Varying types of play equipment and site features were chosen to increase student development. For instance, sensory features of colours, textures, music, noises and reflecting light support sensory awareness, and “The Funway” – a circuit of arrows, bumps and waves – promotes physical motor development.

Through understanding varying desired play intensities for students (low, medium, high), the playground layout is defined by “play zones”, allowing options of solo-play, relaxing interactive play, or energetic interactive play. A fence surrounds the playground to keep students safe and secure.

Designated as a fully wheelchair-accessible playground, John Dolan Sensory Playground is the first of its kind in Saskatchewan, and has become a destination for the surrounding community and schools within the greater Saskatoon area.

Wheelchair Swing: The first of its kind in Saskatchewan, the Liberty Swing gives wheelchair-bound users the ability to feel the joys of swinging for the first time.

Sensory panels with interactive noise making, elements, textures, mirrors, and reflecting light, to promote sensory awareness. Panels are located at various heights to allow students to play on the ground, from their mobility device, or standing up.