Timeline: 2010 - Present

Crosby Hanna & Associates has facilitated and led the preparation of more than 10 Comprehensive Development Review (CDR) applications for developments in the Rural Municipality of Corman Park, No. 344.  The firm coordinates engineering, geo-technical, heritage, and ecological consultants to ensure that developments in the R.M. meet municipal standards and policies. Crosby Hanna & Associates organizes and attends development-specific open house meetings and R.M. Council meetings with clients. Final CDR documents are then submitted to the R.M. for review and approval.

CDR applications coordinated and prepared by Crosby Hanna & Associates (with input from various other consultants) include Greenbryre Golf and Country Estates, Saddle Ridge Estates, East Cory Industrial Park Phase II, Grasswood Estates, and Forbes Commercial Subdivision.