Location: Saskatoon
Timeline: 2007-2009

Crosby Hanna & Associates was retained to work with a local consulting team for this innovative Design-Build project. The client demonstrated a committment to the end goal of a high quality workplace environment with a responsibe environmental footprint. This goal was not only achieved, but due to the efficient and effective collaboration between the contractor, design consultants, and client user groups, the building and site will also serve as a showcase for the design community in Saskatoon for the potential success of an integrated design process.

This landscape was designed to complement and support the client’s environmental goals and as a showcase for the possibilities for low maintenance, low input landscapes possible in typical commercial settings. Their species and planting locations were selected to support the process of solar heat gain during the winter months and passive cooling in the summer months. The Plant species selected were hardy, drought tolerant species that will provide a range of visual interest throughout the year. Staff areas create sheltered, relaxing microclimates that have a range of plantings and furnishings to provide varied textures and colours that complement the building’s design sensibility.