Karen Sutherland


Karen has been in love with drafting ever since she chanced to take it as a high school elective. An Architectural Technologist with Crosby Hanna & Associates, she draws on her passion for design and a diploma in Architectural and Building Technologies from SIAST to help the landscape architects and planners take projects from concept to completion.

While much of her days are spent at the computer immersed in AutoCAD, Karen takes care of a gamut of things, ranging from preparing and printing project documents to contract administration, research, and clerical tasks. Somehow she even manages to find time to get a breath of fresh air once in a while on site visits. For Karen, the most rewarding part of her job comes from collaborating with co-workers, clients and consultants to deliver an exceptional end product.

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Kyla Tulloch


Kyla’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree coupled with summers spent in green space maintenance and nursery sales were all cultivating a keen but unknown passion for landscape architecture. The mixture of art, science, and working with people eventually led her to obtain her Master of Landscape Architecture degree. Now, as a Project Landscape Architect with Crosby Hanna & Associates, she is looking forward to the ever-changing challenges of landscape architecture from planting design to project management.

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Michelle Tustin


An animal lover and a self-proclaimed animal rescuer, Michelle enjoys spending time with her rescue-cat Gunther, and rehabilitating critters of all sizes. As a Landscape Architect at Crosby Hanna & Associates, Michelle enjoys watching projects come to life, by overseeing them from start to finish. From concept design to construction finish, she takes pleasure in both the creative and technical aspect of her work, allowing her to continuously grow her knowledge through hands-on work experience.  With previous work and academic experience in cemetery and memorial design, Michelle approaches all her projects with the aim towards providing experiential, thoughtful and meaningful environments.

Michelle graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2011 with a Bachelor of Environmental Design, and 2016 with a Master of Landscape Architecture. Michelle is a member of the Saskatchewan Design Council and the Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects.

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Carol Bradley


To see this lady smile, put her into a room full of paper and say “have at it.”  Records management, organization, and consolidating has become Carol’s life mantra.   Carol’s excitement for this career path shines when asked about her 15+ years of experience with a variety of filing systems and structures.  She is quickly getting an extensive knowledge of the Crosby Hanna’s 40 years worth of landscape designs and community plan, both electronically and on paper.  Her attention to detail and computer skills work hand-in-hand in the preparation of proposals, reports, and specifications.

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Katrina Grise


Earning her diploma at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Katrina developed a wide array of skills and knowledge that have contributed with her passion for sustainable landscape design. Participating in functions such as map drafting for community planning and creating design drawings for landscape projects, Katrina puts maximum effort into everything she does. As an escape, she can often be found scouring Pinterest for new recipes or DIY (do it yourself) projects and exploring her new city. It’s safe to say that plenty of Katrina’s time is spent problem solving with AutoCAD and entertaining her creative side.

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