Jim Walters, MCIP, RPP


Tapping into the needs and aspirations of growing communities takes intuition, experience and keen attention to detail. Thankfully for Crosby Hanna & Associates, partner Jim Walters is all that and much more. Jim combines over a decade and a half of industry experience (at Crosby Hanna & Associates since 2003) with a degree in Regional and Urban Development from the University of Saskatchewan. Jim is a Registered Professional Planner of Saskatchewan and a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

In his role as Principal Planner with Crosby Hanna, Jim provides planning advice, leads new community planning projects, and offers land development consulting for developers, municipalities, and First Nations. Jim is a past President of the Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute and former Planner for both the City of Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan. Now, with Crosby Hanna, Jim not only enjoys travelling to exotic Saskatchewan locales and interacting with people from across the province, but the opportunity of working alongside some of the most talented people in the industry.

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Laureen Snook, CSLA, SALA, GRP


As a partner and Principal Landscape Architect and Manager of the Regina office for Crosby Hanna & Associates, Laureen puts her passion for Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta and Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph to work for her every day. Laureen joined the Crosby Hanna & Associates team in 2003 and has not looked back. Laureen is a registered member of the Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and a Green Roof Professional.

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William Hrycan, CSLA, SALA


If variety is the spice of life, then William is one well-seasoned individual. Whether he’s doodling, sketching or colouring design ideas, computer drafting, or researching a project, William’s roles as a Project and, now, Principal Landscape Architect with Crosby Hanna & Associates provide constant challenges and opportunities to learn new things. So far his education has taken him from a diploma in Ornamental Horticulture at Alberta’s Olds College, to the University of Saskatchewan and a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, all the way to Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland where he earned a Master’s of Landscape Architecture. William is a member of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and the Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects.

For William, using creativity to craft unique solutions to design challenges is one of the most rewarding parts of working with Crosby Hanna. When he’s not hard at work, William turns his enthusiasm and imagination to a wide range of artistic pursuits, including a role as Horticulture Editor for The Gardener magazine.

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Michelle Tustin, CSLA, SALA


An animal lover and a self-proclaimed animal rescuer, Michelle enjoys spending time with her rescue-cat Gunther, and rehabilitating critters of all sizes. As a Landscape Architect at Crosby Hanna & Associates, Michelle enjoys watching projects come to life, by overseeing them from start to finish. From concept design to construction finish, she takes pleasure in both the creative and technical aspect of her work, allowing her to continuously grow her knowledge through hands-on work experience.  With previous work and academic experience in cemetery and memorial design, Michelle approaches all her projects with the aim towards providing experiential, thoughtful and meaningful environments.

Michelle graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2011 with a Bachelor of Environmental Design, and 2016 with a Master of Landscape Architecture. Michelle is a member of the Saskatchewan Design Council and the Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects.

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Moyra Ball


Keeping the office functioning, and all of the artsy-types in line, takes a keen eye for organization and a healthy dose of patience. Thankfully, Moyra has both in spades. Arriving straight out of Walter Murray Business College, she’s been doing it all with a smile since 1989. As Receptionist, Moyra is the friendly face and voice of the firm. Behind the scenes, as Office Manager and Bookkeeper, she keeps the office’s every gear and cog perfectly oiled and running smoothly.

From payables, receivables and deposits, to staff updates, timesheets, disbursements, payroll and answering phones, it’s all in a day’s work for Moyra. The challenging nature of bookkeeping, working in an intimate office setting with supportive leadership and being a part of a fantastic team are just a few of the reasons Moyra is proud to be a defining member of Crosby Hanna.

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Alona Andrejenko, CSLA, SALA


Alona is funny and sociable, enjoys travelling and loves to be creative, especially through drawing and painting. Alona approaches her tasks in a professional and responsible way. From preparing drawings in AutoCAD, to writing cost estimates and coordinating various project details, she finds great pleasure in her work with Crosby Hanna as a Landscape Architect, focusing on planting, grading and irrigation. Alona studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Latvia from 2002 to 2007, finishing with a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning.

After convocation she found employment with the City Council of Talsi as a Landscape Architect, where she remained for three years before joining the Crosby Hanna team in 2011. She enjoys learning new things every day and seizing the many opportunities for growth available to her through her exciting career.

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Conor Britton


Having worked in a variety of fields, ranging from Construction to Environmental Project Coordination, and from Retail Stores in Japan to Skateboard Parks in Saskatoon. Conor’s introduction to the planning field was sparked from his broad array of interests.  Holding a degree in Regional and Urban Planning from the University of Saskatchewan, Conor is working towards attaining his RPP designation and contributes to the team by working with stakeholders to create qualitative support documents, policy frameworks, and regulatory bylaws.

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Stephanie Klyne


Certainly she’s fun, energetic and creative, but you’d be hard-pressed to find an adjective that can begin to capture the real Stephanie. A technical school graduate in Media Arts Production, Stephanie has taken her love of photography, film and graphic design and fused them all into an unexpected career as a CAD Technologist with Crosby Hanna & Associates. For an artist like Stephanie, the relaxed, friendly and inspiring atmosphere at Crosby Hanna feels so much like home.

Stephanie’s great sense of humour and contagious, easy laugh instantly endear her to clients and co-workers alike. When it comes to work though, she’s downright serious – applying her artistic passion and eye for detail to every plan she designs. From drawing concept plans for the architects to photographing projects onsite, Stephanie’s creative muscle gets plenty exercise.

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