Location: Saskatoon
Timeline: 2010

Stonebridge Boulevard is a major entry corridor into the Stonebridge neighbourhood in Saskatoon. Crosby Hanna & Associates was retained to create a distinct visual character for the community by design and managing implementation of the streetscape development. The design sensibilities were, and continue to be, pulled from this corridor and applied throughout the community in various forms.

A meandering pedestrian route makes its way from the residential portion of the community into the business and commercial zone. This route is supported by intensive and locally appropriate plantings and will mature into a complex, dynamic site that will provide pedestrians and motorists with all-season interest. The plantings were selected for their hardiness, salt tolerance, and visual attributes. Large boulevards, wide medians with large canopy trees, streetscape fencing, stone-faced signage features, and lighting, are combined to strengthen the overall design sensibility and create an inviting and comfortable road and pedestrian corridor.