Brendan Garritty


Brendan loves being involved in the variety of projects at Crosby Hanna & Associates. A typical day for Brendan consists of anything from drafting landscape construction documents and maps, preparing graphic materials, and undertaking planning research, all while enjoying a great cup of coffee! Every day offers new challenges that Brendan loves taking on, including working on both landscape and planning projects. Brendan has a Bachelor of Arts in Regional & Urban Planning from the University of Saskatchewan and a Diploma in Landscape Architectural Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Brendan is a Pre-Candidate for the Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute.


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Stephanie Klyne


Certainly she’s fun, energetic and creative, but you’d be hard-pressed to find an adjective that can begin to capture the real Stephanie. A technical school graduate in Media Arts Production, Stephanie has taken her love of photography, film and graphic design and fused them all into an unexpected career as a CAD Technologist with Crosby Hanna & Associates. For an artist like Stephanie, the relaxed, friendly and inspiring atmosphere at Crosby Hanna feels so much like home, it’s a wonder she doesn’t wear pyjamas to work.

Stephanie’s great sense of humour and contagious, easy laugh instantly endear her to clients and co-workers alike. When it comes to work though, she’s downright serious – applying her artistic passion and eye for detail to every plan she designs. From drawing concept plans for the architects to photographing projects onsite, Stephanie’s creative muscle gets plenty exercise.

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Leah Rampton, CSLA, SALA


Leah graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts and completed her Master of Landscape Architecture degree in 2013, beginning her career with Crosby Hanna as a Landscape Architect shortly thereafter. Outdoor spaces are where Leah finds her joy. In her free time you can find her somewhere along the river enjoying the sights Saskatoon has to offer. She enjoys being involved in a wide range of projects, which give her the opportunity to further her knowledge of plant species, get outside on site visits, to be creative and experience the different stages of a project from start to finish.

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Maggie Schwab, MCIP, RPP


If the key to the future is in the past, then Maggie – with both a Bachelor of Science Honours and Master of Arts in Archaeology – is Crosby Hanna & Associates’ unequivocal keeper of the key. A former field technician, project manager for an archaeological consulting firm and instructor at the University of Saskatchewan, Maggie decided it was time for a change in scenery and went in search of new challenges. As a Planner and resident Archaeologist with Crosby Hanna & Associates, Maggie enjoys the diversity of her position, relaxed atmosphere and friendly co-workers. While her area of expertise is in heritage screenings/reviews for land use planning, Maggie’s talents shine in everything she does, whether she’s preparing bylaws or assisting with open houses.

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Karen Sutherland


Karen has been in love with drafting ever since she chanced to take it as a high school elective. An Architectural Technologist with Crosby Hanna & Associates, she draws on her passion for design and a diploma in Architectural and Building Technologies from SIAST to help the landscape architects and planners take projects from concept to completion.

While much of her days are spent at the computer immersed in AutoCAD, Karen takes care of a gamut of things, ranging from preparing and printing project documents to contract administration, research, and clerical tasks. Somehow she even manages to find time to get a breath of fresh air once in a while on site visits. For Karen, the most rewarding part of her job comes from collaborating with co-workers, clients and consultants to deliver an exceptional end product.

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Kyla Tulloch


Kyla’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree coupled with summers spent in green space maintenance and nursery sales were all cultivating a keen but unknown passion for landscape architecture. The mixture of art, science, and working with people eventually led her to obtain her Master of Landscape Architecture degree. Now, as a Project Landscape Architect with Crosby Hanna & Associates, she is looking forward to the ever-changing challenges of landscape architecture from planting design to project management.

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Michelle Tustin


An animal lover and a self-proclaimed animal rescuer, Michelle enjoys spending time with her rescue-cat Gunther, and rehabilitating critters of all sizes. As a Landscape Architect at Crosby Hanna & Associates, Michelle enjoys watching projects come to life, by overseeing them from start to finish. From concept design to construction finish, she takes pleasure in both the creative and technical aspect of her work, allowing her to continuously grow her knowledge through hands-on work experience.  With previous work and academic experience in cemetery and memorial design, Michelle approaches all her projects with the aim towards providing experiential, thoughtful and meaningful environments.

Michelle graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2011 with a Bachelor of Environmental Design, and 2016 with a Master of Landscape Architecture. Michelle is a member of the Saskatchewan Design Council and the Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects.

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